Discipleship is the primary driving force, or the “motor” by which the church runs. New Community disciples believers through membership. Through membership, we discover who we are in our strengths, weaknesses, passions, and gifts. We learn how we are to pursue holiness and we are held accountable so we experience the fullness of God's grace and its transforming power. We learn how to discern God's will and purpose in our lives and the life of the church. And in this we learn to follow and obey God.

Becoming a Mature Disciple of Jesus Christ

1. Commitment Through Membership: In order for a disciple to begin the process of discipleship, he/she needs to commit to a local church body. As disciples become committed to their local church, they'll grow through accountability and commitment. Some of the means to growth are: 1) learning the truth of the Gospel through Scripture; 2) learning and growing through personal devotion; and 3) being held accountable through participation in an accountability group.

2. Humility Through Service: As members grow in their commitment, they'll begin to utilize his/her gifts, talents, and resources for God. It's also through service that a disciple of Jesus Christ discovers his/her limitations and maturity level in faith. Some signs of humility are: 1) learning to share struggles with the community and learning to persevere in those struggles; 2) evaluating his/her own paradigm and worldview; and 3) allow themselves to be trained to serve effectively.

3. Guidance Through Mentorship: As disciples of Jesus Christ discover and understand their limitations in serving God, often times they'll encounter discouragement or even fall away from God. It is at these times, through Biblical counseling and mentorship, that disciples will learn who they are before God and will start to understand how they have been uniquely made to serve. The disciple’s mandate will become clearer as he/she learns to apply the truth of the gospel within his/her life. Growth at this level comes from counseling, mentorship, and being able to model from others who are mature in faith. 

4. Leading Through Empowerment: We at New Community Church believe empowerment is the final stage necessary for one to become a mature disciple of Jesus Christ. At this level, the disciple learns to discern the prompting and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. As this happens, he/she becomes empowered to lead others effectively for the sake of God’s kingdom.