Small Groups

Small groups are smaller, more personal groups of people that meet in homes throughout the year. We like it when people want to get involved into the life of the church, and that's why anyone can join any group at any time of the year.

Through small groups and group activities, we find opportunities to serve and love one another as God has commanded in the Bible. These weekly meetings focus on growing together in our faith in Jesus Christ, particularly through Bible study and prayer for one another.  There's also always great food and fellowship.  

If you're interested in learning more about small groups or want to visit or join one, please email us at, and we'll have the small group leader get in touch with you.

What are we studying?

We've come to realize how many believers and churchgoers have never actually read through the Bible. Because of this, all our studies are based upon & geared around the Scriptures. We want to give everyone the opportunity to grasp a high level overview, but also the specifics of what the Bible teaches that pertains to everyday life.

Prayer & Scripture (Thursdays at 7pm)
Irene Kwon

A Couple's Guide to a Growing Marriage (Fridays at 7pm)
Frank Cho

A Study of the New Testament (Fridays at 7pm)
Brad Paik & Carol Chan

The Book of Ephesians (Fridays at 7pm)
Lois Yoon & Heidi Park