Our Story

New Community Church was founded in July 1998. NCC started with an initial vision from the Korean Immigrant Church leaders to address the problem of a disappearing generation of young Korean-Americans from the Immigrant Church. Furthermore, they saw a need to start a church in the city because there was a large migration of these young people moving to a changing Chicago landscape. In light of this, they recruited Pastor Brad Paik to take on this challenging task.

Since its humble beginnings when only 6 people gathered to meet weekly, God has grown New Community by expanding and refining our vision to reach the city of Chicago. In its first 17 years of existence, New Community was a church that sought to establish a grace-centered and biblically functioning community as a community-based church. Yet, after many years of attempting to establish a grace-centered and biblically functioning community, we realized that God’s calling for our church is not to merely be a community of God but a movement that will seek to change this world.

God has given New Community the opportunity to reach out to a generation who are seeking to find answers for their pains and emptiness they experience from the false promises of fulfillment that come from the surrounding culture. Knowing that this universal condition of the human heart, New Community sends out missionaries throughout the world to reach people of different cultures with the hope we have in Christ. It is our hope that people will experience the fullness of God's love and grace so they can find the only true fulfillment of joy that comes through faith in Christ.

We seek to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples who will obey God and replicate themselves into another disciple.